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What is the course?   RevUp! is comprised of diverse topics related to both revenue- and commercial-management of a hotel. In each course, the student is guided through key concepts and principles of revenue management as well as real-world examples to illustrate and practice what has just been learned. This includes the RevUp! Wrap Up, a downloadable document provided once the course is completed.

Who is it for? How does it help them? The courses available at RevUp! will empower students to make better business decisions as they will have obtained a better understanding of the what, when, how and why of revenue management and related topics which drive their strategies today.

How long does it take?  Students enrolled in the Certificates will need to complete an average of five (5) courses.  Students enrolled in the bundles will complete an average of three (4) courses.  Courses (developed to date) average between 20-30 minutes if viewed without stopping. The quiz at the end of each course should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

What do they get after the course?  Students receive a certificate for each Certificate Program, Bundle, or individual course that they complete. 

Is there more than one course? At or around time of the site launch on May 17, there will be a total of 5 paid courses and 1 free course available for enrollment.  The long-term plan for RevUp! Is for a total of 21 paid courses spanning the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced student levels.