TCRM is the Difference


How often do we see “TCRM is growing again” at the top of a post on LinkedIn? TCRM’s continual growth means that the opportunity for additional talent is nearly on-going. 2018 has seen 8 new employees join the ranks – so far. The rapid growth at TCRM doesn’t mean that the hiring process is also speedy, however. First, potential hires complete our online talent evaluation process. This includes background information including which hotel brands and systems the applicant knows and how well they know them. It also includes essay questions about Revenue Management and related topics. Last, there are exercises in which the applicant must demonstrate their skills and ideas in actual Revenue Management. The information from these applicants is added to a database for future consideration. When it’s time to add another staff member, the database is searched for the most targeted and talented applicants. Next, there are a series of interviews, as in any hiring process, to narrow down the candidates. Once that has taken place, the most likely candidate is asked to complete one additional personality assessment. This test has been completed by every employee at TCRM, and great emphasis is placed on the results as they allow us to better understand the way each person will fit within the needs of both our internal organization and with each of our clients. Our founder, Lily Mockerman, is a firm believer in helping each employee to maximize their strengths. This process has been proven to be a great indicator of a person’s likelihood to succeed in a variety of situations. The results also help our management team decide in which areas outside of the day to day Revenue Management tasks that a staff member may be able to contribute and shine. Although our entire team is virtual, literally stretching from the east coast to the west coast, as well as Hawaii, with several offices in-between, that doesn’t mean we suffer from a sense of not being connected. This integration process begins with face-to-face on-boarding with Lily herself. She either hosts or visits the new hire for 2-3 days to hand-deliver their equipment and personally share more details about the company’s vision, indicators that will lead them to success, and all the day to day particulars of their specific position. Often this visit also involves a regional gathering of other team members in the general area to give the new hire more face to face interaction. This sense of connection is not just a one-time thing at TCRM, though. Other opportunities for team interaction include our Monday virtual stand-up meeting, when we share wins, challenges and best practices, as well as an opportunity to connect personally about things that have happened in our lives in the last week. We also interact every day using our live chat platform, and of course the ever-present emails and calls. One of the highlights of our year is our annual TCRM Annual Leadership Retreat. This is a 3-5 day meeting in a different city each year. Everyone has a chance to interact face-to-face, learn and share new ideas, explore a new destination and celebrate the new year together. It’s a great time to set the tone for the upcoming year. With TCRM’s emphasis on continuing education, there are several opportunities throughout the year for additional training, some online and some at a variety of regional locations. Learning is always emphasized, and employees often host peer training sessions to share their own knowledge with their team, further strengthening the collaborative team spirit atmosphere of the company. One of the other innovative sides of TCRM from the employee perspective is the way our bonus is structured. With emphasis on healthy living, participating in charitable events and organizations and personal growth and development, the bonus program seeks to reward employees for engaging in activities that benefit them personally, not just in their business lives. In addition, we are invited to earn extra PTO by clocking exercise time regularly. Lily believes that the health of the employees directly influences their creativity and results. She is also always available to discuss any struggles an employee is having, and work together with them to find a solution, whether it is a helpful book to read, some time off, or just a heart-to-heart talk. Our boss invests in each of us as a whole person, not just an employee. Those of us who are fortunate enough to be included in this rock star team feel very fortunate to be part of a company with this level of professionalism, caring and opportunity for both personal and career development. We all know that #TCRMistheDifference!