A Variety of Ways to Contribute:

Whether you prefer project-based/contractor work, part-time employment, or full-time engagement, we have opportunities to accommodate your preferences and availability. We value diversity and provide a supportive work environment for all contributors to thrive and make a meaningful impact.

All Options include these Benefits:

  • 100% Remote
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Support of other experienced Revenue Management professionals
  • Contractor/Employee Referral Bonus potential
  • Lead Referral Bonus potential

Is being a Part-Time Employee Right for You?

  • Earn PTO! We have a generous paid time off policy that you will start earning on Day One
  • We take care of all state and federal taxes
  • Support and respect for preferred schedule – no pressure to increase hours if that’s not a preference
  • Ongoing training and development opportunities
  • Priority for Full-Time employment consideration

Open Positions

Revenue Strategy Consultant

(Full Time or Part Time Employee)

Revenue Strategy Consultant

(Contractor or Project Based)

Why choose TCRM?

TCRM is the hospitality industry’s go-to resource for all things revenue management.

At TCRM, we evaluate our success through the lenses of exceeding our clients’ expectations. To meet our ambitious goals in highly competitive environments, TCRM seeks to hire individuals with specific technical and interpersonal skills.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then let’s talk!

How many times have you seen a job posting that says part-time but you read the description and say to yourself “Yeah, right.”?  Several, right?  Me, too!  Or you’d see a part-time opening only to realize it required a significant decrease in your hourly rate.  Again, me, too!  I was professionally happy before joining TCRM but I wanted to be less employee, more mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and volunteer.  Somehow though I also wanted to continue to challenge myself professionally.  I wanted my cake & to eat it too and I actually am!  I have designed my schedule so that when it is time to pick up my kids from afternoon car line, I am usually done with work for the day.  I can truly work from anywhere.  There is a team of other Revenue Strategy Consultants who can cover me when I need a day off.  I am living my best life!

Wendy Bingham

CHIA, Revenue Strategy Consultant

Requirements for Success

After over a decade in the business of providing revenue management services, we have learned that particular mindsets/personalities/behaviors produce the highest benefits and returns for our customers.

Highly Detailed & Analytical

  • Revenue Management requires interacting with hundreds of data points. Being a stickler for the details is paramount for the accuracy required for success.
  • Investigating and strategizing should be one of your favorite activities.  Finding new opportunities for revenue funnel enhancements and testing a variety of tactics should be your ideal daily task.
  • There are a multitude of aspects impacting each hotel market that must be tracked and reflected upon to make the best decisions. A passion for turning data points into actionable tactics is required.

Master Communicator

  • Listening and communicating a clear understanding of client needs is essential for maintaining excellent working relationships with organizations that trust TCRM with their revenue management. Our Revenue Strategy Consultants work remotely yet they become a seamless part of the hotel’s team based on their ability to communicate effectively, and we place a large focus on making our weekly strategy meetings meaningful.
  • Our Revenue Strategy Consultants interact with Sr. Level Management and Owners on a regular basis. Our clients expect TCRM to articulate thoroughly researched strategies and compelling solutions in a succinct manner – we make it meaningful. Revenue Strategy Consultants must possess a healthy amount of mettle/courage when proposing new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions to seasoned professionals.
  • A calm and cool-headed approach under pressure is required for conflict resolution.
  • Emotional maturity regarding receiving feedback for improvement in any/all areas of work is essential.

Balancing Autonomy and Teamwork 

  • Working remotely with limited supervision demands significant self-discipline and a high level of discernment about when and how to connect with others.
  • At TCRM, we value teamwork and collaboration for best practices and problem-solving to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality work. Expect weekly collaboration calls with the internal team in addition to strategy work with clients.
  • A competitive spirit on behalf of the performance of the hotels we represent is a necessity. Not only are we focused on RevPAR Index goals, but also on improving year-over-year performance for our clients.
  • You are very comfortable asking for support or help, and providing it to a teammate when they need it as well – at TCRM we have each other’s back at all times. We make each other better.

Flexibility & Agility

  • Our most successful team members are comfortable with an environment of consistent
    improvement, which means regular change. Our clients expect TCRM to lead the way with
    system and process advances that provide them with advantages. We promote an environment
    of continuous learning that benefits our team and our clients.
  • Agility and resourcefulness in the face of challenges is a prized skill set at TCRM. Our clients
    depend on our expertise to help them navigate through uncharted waters.


  • Our customers pay a premium for revenue management excellence. It’s not just about completing tasks. It’s about consistent improvement with the goal of adding value to our hotel’s revenue funnel.
  • We balance the number of hotels each manager facilitates to ensure the highest quality of work.
  • Excellent time management is required, and the ability to focus on the right tasks and initiatives, at the right time.
  • It’s not always easy to find solutions. We need tenacious go-getters that keep trying until a feasible solution is found and implemented.
  • We don’t just “go through the motions” – we forge any path in order to dig in and drive results for our clients and optimize in every area.

Good fit for candidates that

  • Want to fast-track their revenue management education by simultaneously working in multiple markets, with a variety of systems, and diverse groups of clients.
  • Remote work. Be anywhere in the world (with Internet access) and the ability to work in the US time zone.
  • Enjoy a balance of autonomy and teamwork with like-minded professionals.
  • Coaching opportunities from revenue management experts – we want everyone on our team to develop their potential.