Spread the Love


These are unprecedented times. How many times have we heard or read that statement in the last several weeks? For me, too many to keep count. But the statement is both accurate in its reflection and unnerving in its meaning. These truly are unprecedented times as the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has rapidly spread across the globe, unleashing turmoil in its wake.

If there is any silver lining to COVID-19, it’s that it has challenged humanity in many ways beyond trying to contain and eradicate the virus. These challenges, while inconvenient, can also be incubators for new, innovative ways for society to evolve. This pandemic has forced countless people worldwide to work, play, exercise, educate and learn, often in virtual settings. Having everyone generally passing all their time at home together has shown us how to have fun. It has showcased humor as a great way to deal with stress. It has redefined who our heroes really are, and I think in some cases has brought back the “human” part of humanity.

To be sure, there are many cases of selfishness and hoarding of consumer staples. But cases of selflessness and kindness during the crisis are equally frequent. This reminds me of a story a little closer to home.

“Spread the Love” Guy

In October 2018, the community where I reside was struck by Hurricane Michael, a massive Category 5 storm that left the area devastated. The days, weeks, and months that followed were a long, difficult recovery period for residents who were impacted by the storm.

Through it all, we found ways to remain motivated and inspired, thanks to people who showed acts of kindness. One such person, known locally as the “Spread the Love” guy, brought inspiration to commuters on a daily basis simply by standing along the road, smiling and waving his posters. It was a simple reminder to all that, though we were experiencing a difficult situation, we were all in it together, and that by spreading the love, we as a community could get through it.

Recovering From the Storm

Some 18 months after Hurricane Michael, I don’t know where Decaris Hunter (his real name) is or what he’s up to now. But I still see reminders of his message as I drive through the community. His message lives on and continues to bring hope to people still recovering from the storm.

As we face this current “storm”, called COVID-19, we can all perhaps be inspired by people like Hunter, and Spread the Love. It is not an exaggeration to say that we are all in this together. No other event in our lifetimes has impacted all of humanity the way this crisis has. How we help each other through it will stand for generations to come.

David Beaulieu, TCRM Executive


Executive Director of Client Success

David Beaulieu is the Executive Director of Client Success at Total Customized Revenue Management (TCRM), the premier provider of a wide array of Revenue Management services.  In this role, David is responsible for developing client relationships that promote retention and loyalty for TCRM by ensuring the smooth onboarding, activation, and offboarding of services for TCRM’s clients through the entire lifecycle of their contracts.  Prior to this role, David served as Director of Client Services for TCRM, where he was responsible for leading TCRM’s branded revenue management services.

Having spent over 23 years in hotel revenue management, David has developed a strong set of skills with respected full-service brands in many markets.  A successful leader and team builder in revenue management, David utilizes these skills to ensure TCRM’s clients are well served and generating strong performance results.

David began his career in hospitality with Hilton Hotels Corporation (Now Hilton Worldwide) and spent 11 years moving through a progression of roles and assignments.  He has also worked at Loews Hotels & Resorts, as well as two award-winning third-party management companies, Davidson Hotels & Resorts and Crescent Hotels & Resorts. David is a four-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbus University.