Each year, hotels start out with the best of intentions. They have marketing plans, action plans, or just plain memorization of specific tasks to perform throughout the year. Often, those plans are put on the shelf and forgotten before even reaching the midyear point. Well then, consider having a mid-year check-in to see if you are on track with the things you wanted to accomplish in the year.

Commercial Strategy Mid-Year Check List

The mid-year is a good time to reflect on what has worked, what hasn’t, and what else you need to focus on, to have the most successful year.

If not already on your list, consider adding any of the items below and make them your own.

Review OTA listings

  • Check copy and make sure language is consistent, timely, and accurate
  • Speak with the operations team to see what they are hearing from guests about what they saw online that was unclear or inaccurate – and update accordingly
  • Make sure phone, email address, and links to where sales, events, reservations, and GM messages are being directed are correct
  • Verify that reviews have responses
  • Change out your primary photography to be seasonally appropriate 

Audit your Hotel Website

  • Review your Special Offer page – is everything timely and accurate? Do the links work property with booking engine?
  • Have your website manager pull your keyword and keyphrase analytics to see what’s working, as well as check the competitive set’s websites and make suggestions on what to add to yours. 
  • Are the activities for the current season highlighted? Are summer images featured in the summer? 
  • Ensure your Event Calendar is updated, accurate, and current
  • Change sort order based on the season or what’s in demand 
    • Example: If your drive market is up, move up a parking included promo to sort at the top of your special offer page
    • If it’s peak season, sort one of your premium room types on top and move your entry-level room type down
  • Make sure the descriptions and times of all restaurants and outlets are accurate
  • Make sure all phone numbers are directed to current employees and more importantly, are being followed up on
  • Audit your hotel’s local listings for accuracy

Sales & Marketing Check In

  • Review each manager’s action plans to ensure they are actively working the marketing plan
  • Add any necessary changes to sales action plans and the original marketing plan
  • Have a mid-year brainstorming with the sales and revenue team (two-fold: for the remainder of the year and to get their creativity started on ideas for 2024).

Get your Team Ready for Budget Season!

  • Pick a date for your team to get creative and discuss new ideas
  • The goal is to have a clear path to your plan mapped out and ensure assignments have been made. 
  • Get your managers involved – everyone’s buy-in and honoring the team’s individual ideas make for a stronger team and a commitment to the success of your team plan. 
  • Don’t just do what you’ve always done – make sure that the budget template and process truly works for your property.

The year is flying by – 2024 will be hear before you know it!