Maximizing profitability and enhancing guest satisfaction are paramount goals for any hotel. Revenue Managers typically focus on maximizing revenue while Operations tend to focus on guest satisfaction. But there are times when both priorities converge. An impactful approach to achieving both is through strategic upselling, particularly when engaging guests before they even step through the door. In a landscape saturated with automated upselling tools, UpsellGuru stands out as a leading hospitality upselling platform, backed by the endorsement of TCRM. It enables hotels to unlock their upselling potential throughout the guest journey. 

Join us as we explore how UpsellGuru empowers hotels to optimize their revenue generation strategies, equipping revenue managers with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive market.

What is UpsellGuru?

UpsellGuru is a dynamic tool designed to empower hotels to increase revenue and profit by upselling room upgrades, amenities, and services to guests before and during their stay. It integrates seamlessly with existing hotel systems, leveraging guest data and preferences to offer personalized upsell opportunities tailored to each guest’s profile.

Enhancing Revenue Generation:

  1. Maximizing Revenue per Guest Stay: UpsellGuru enables TCRM revenue managers to capitalize on every guest interaction by presenting targeted upsell offers. Whether it’s a room upgrade, a spa package, or a dining experience, UpsellGuru identifies upsell opportunities based on guest preferences and booking history, thereby enhancing revenue per guest stay.
  2. Optimizing Room Inventory Management: With UpsellGuru, TCRM revenue managers can strategically manage room inventory by upselling available room upgrades or premium amenities. By promoting these offerings to guests in advance, revenue managers can free up often hard-to-sell inventory, such as suites or premium rooms, thereby maximizing revenue potential.
  3. Driving Ancillary Revenue: Beyond room upgrades, UpsellGuru facilitates the upselling of ancillary services and experiences, such as early check-in, late check-out, spa treatments, and recreational activities. By proactively presenting these options to guests, hotels can boost ancillary revenue streams and enhance the overall guest experience.

How TCRM Revenue Managers will Utilize UpsellGuru:

  1. Data-Driven Insights: Leverage UpsellGuru’s data analytics to gain valuable insights into guest preferences, booking patterns, and upsell conversion rates. By analyzing this data, TCRM revenue managers are able to refine their upselling strategies, identify trends, and tailor offers to maximize effectiveness.
  2. Personalized Upsell Offers: Utilize UpsellGuru’s guest profiling capabilities to create personalized upsell offers based on guest preferences, past purchases, and demographics. By delivering relevant and targeted offers, TCRM revenue managers will look to increase upsell conversion rates and enhance guest satisfaction at the same time.
  3. Continuous Optimization: Implement a culture of continuous optimization by A/B testing different upsell offers, pricing strategies, and messaging tactics. UpsellGuru’s flexible platform allows revenue managers to experiment with various approaches and refine their upselling techniques to achieve optimal results.
  4. Integration with Revenue Management Systems: Integrate UpsellGuru with existing property & revenue management systems to streamline operations and ensure seamless communication between upselling efforts and revenue optimization strategies. By aligning upselling initiatives with broader revenue management objectives, hotels can achieve synergy and maximize overall revenue potential.


UpsellGuru presents a compelling opportunity for hotels to enhance revenue generation & profits, optimize room inventory management, and drive ancillary revenue streams for hotels. By leveraging its features and capabilities, Revenue Managers can unlock new revenue opportunities, personalize the guest experience, and ultimately, achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market. 

About TCRM

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TCRM has recently partnered with UpsellGuru and will be utilizing their cutting-edge platform to elevate upselling strategies, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional value to hotel guests. With UpsellGuru as a strategic ally, TCRM is poised for driving revenue growth across our portfolio of client hotels. More information on