Don’t Forget the Phone


There is uncertainty surrounding so much of our lives right now, in travel as well as everyday situations like taking your dog to the vet or going to pick up your dry cleaning.

We have so many questions. Are you open? How do I check in? Do I need to wear a mask? Does my dog need to wear a mask?

How do we get answers to these questions? Often, we attempt to look online first to see if Google has the information, or if a website is updated and has all of the information that we want to know about what to expect.

However, it’s nearly impossible for companies and organizations to keep up with website content that would accurately reflect all the nuances of the operation and how they are meeting local guidelines when those guidelines are so rapidly changing.

So what are we doing? Returning to what we have found ourselves moving away from. Using the phone! We’re calling businesses to speak with a person who will be able to tell us all the details of what is required and what to expect when we arrive at our destination.

Is your hotel ready for these calls? For example, is there staff available to answer what is likely to be an increased call volume for the next few months? Potential guests may have very specific questions.

Is that staff trained and informed on how to respond, and equipped with all the most updated information? Is there consistency in the messaging, whether the call goes to the Front Desk, Sales, Restaurant, Reservations, or your outsourced call center?

man wearing white shirt talking on the phone

In order to make sure your potential guests are comfortable and confident in coming to stay at your hotel or resort, first ensure your on- and off-property voice agents are given all the information that they require to convey that confidence to the guest. Simply having someone to answer the phone is the first step in building that trust. The agent having the answers to their questions is a close second.

Will there come a time when we’ll be back to using websites and Google to find the information we need? That remains to be seen, but as you think about supplying the public with accurate information about your property and procedures, don’t forget the phone!


Vice President of Strategy

Kathryn is a Founding Partner for Think Up and Executive Director of Strategy for its partner company, Total Customized Revenue Management, Kathryn Baker helps her clients with a wide variety of revenue management and profitability optimization needs.

She started in the revenue management industry in the 1990s, and has spent time consulting on both new developments and existing projects, companies ranging from small properties to luxury full-service, multi-unit resorts. Her previous projects include revenue management oversight, strategic property assessments, training and mentoring, and establishment of the revenue management discipline, transition management, and ongoing monitoring of property revenue management.

Having grown up in upstate New York and spending time on both coasts, Kathryn now resides just outside of Denver, Colorado with her husband Jason and three children, and loves to experience the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

David Beaulieu, TCRM Executive